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Video Marketing Statistics 2021

If you’re reading this post, chances are you most probably consume, create, or edit video content. 

And that’s great news!


Because if there was one marketing winner last year, it was video. 

Before 2020, everyone talked about how important video content was for brand awareness, audience engagement, and sales. Then 2020 came along and pushed us to create more videos and not only talk about them or treat them as a necessary evil. 

In Piktochart, for example, we created double the amount of video content than the year prior (and we keep producing more). We started to wonder if video use and creation changed for other companies as well and how it impacted their business. 

That’s why we surveyed over 300 business professionals from different industries and asked them questions about their video use and creation. Here’s the summary of the video marketing statistics we got.

Video is king

An overwhelming majority of respondents told us that they use video content on a regular basis, with the pandemic being a contributing factor. 

usage of video content statistics 2021, video marketing statistics 2021
Video marketing statistics 2021

Businesses and brands realized the importance of authentic communication and how it affects audience behavior. In fact, Instagram trends and predictions point to video content dominating in 2022. Video editing tools such as Piktostory helped them get more out of their video content and deliver a better experience to their users.

video usage on social media, video report

“We are a non-profit, and I spearheaded the production/filming of a video to highlight our work. Because of our video, we were selected as a finalist in the Chan-Zuckerberg/Rockefeller Communities Thrive Challenge.” – Elizabeth McGinsky, Senior Director Data & Evaluations, The Enterprise Center

Show, don’t tell!

66% of survey respondents said they prefer to watch a video to learn about a product or a service, in comparison to only 23% who like to learn about it from marketing materials or a website. 

While it’s clear, from video marketing statistics, that video production in general skyrocketed, our survey also clearly showed that explainer videos, social media videos, and webinars were the most common types produced. 

“We provide short videos to support internal training.” – Pam Karleskint, Enablement Manager, LogMeIn

types of video content produced in 2021, video marketing statistics
61% thing video helps customers understand products better, video statistics 2021

We predominantly use video as part of a wider learning on-demand strategy for our team members. As our business operates in 4 separate locations (3 in Australia and 1 in New Zealand) we utilise video for everything from policy explainers to full eLearning packages for induction, orientation and offboarding.” – Paul Piltz, Learning & Development Specialist, BP Software

Aaaand action!

Our survey showed that even though video production has been on the rise, it doesn’t mean it’s a piece of cake for everyone. Video creation is perceived as being hard to do. Most people think multiple skills are needed and that the knowledge of professional video editing software is required. 

video statistics, video content report

Sharing is caring growing

Video marketing statistics also show that the use of social media videos helps your business grow. 

65.5% of those surveyed said Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the most used social media platforms to share their videos, in comparison to only 5.5% for YouTube.

But there’s one thing to remember: KEEP YOUR MESSAGES SHORT. Strangers that come across video content in their news feed and know nothing about the person who is in the video don’t owe them any of their precious time. 

When it comes to new content, they are going to be selective in what they choose to invest their time in. They are far less likely to spend ten or fifteen minutes with unknown content from a stranger.

Creating awesome, bite-size videos ready for social media platforms is the key to viral success.

Video marketing statistics reveal that costs are killing video stars

A staggering 71.4% of respondents said they would create more videos if there was an easy and cost-effective way to do it. 

We believe that anyone can be a video maker and that video should be for everyone. 

That’s why we created Piktostory, a video-editing platform that will turn your long video content into shareable, bite-size clips that are bound to boost engagement for your brand. 

Curious to see how it can help you create amazing video content in no time? Go ahead; your winning social video is just a click away.

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