40 Creative Infographics to Inspire You

Designing an infographic is a great way to depict any kind of data in visual form. By presenting information with a creative approach, you can make sure that viewers understand your core message instantly. 

However, just slapping together a bunch of shapes and stats isn’t enough to create an effective infographic. That’s why in this post, we’ll show you some of the most creative infographics we have come across. 

1.History of life

With this creative infographic, you can easily understand how our planet evolved through the sands of time, along with the mass extinction events through millions of years. 

2.Distance to Mars

How Far is it to Mars?” is a brilliant example of an animated and interactive infographic website. It shows the extent of the distance to Mars and to the Moon in terms of pixels.

3.Infographic Poster For Chai Street 

If there’s such a thing as a mouth-watering infographic, this is it. It illustrates the ingredients that come together to form a cup of spiced tea from Chai Street. 

4.Spot Cafe Menu

If you run a restaurant, a visual menu can show your offerings in a fun and colorful way, as depicted by this creative infographic. 

5.Ecomobility-Electric Vehicle 

Transportation is a major contributor to climate change due to the high CO2 emissions. This interesting infographic guides you through the potential alternatives. 

6. Nature And Us 

Nature and Us depicts the biggest environmental issues of our generation. It shows how climate change is affecting the things we cherish, along with the impact we are having on water resources, biodiversity, agriculture, and more. 

7. A Dieta Pirarucu 

This infographic explains what the Pirarucu — one of the world’s largest freshwater fishes — eats.

8. Ray Bradbury Timeline 

This innovative infographic does a great job of presenting the life of a character in graphical form. It includes Ray Bradbury’s lifetime accomplishments in series, movies, etc. 

9. Infographic Curriculum Vitae 

This interesting infographic is an ideal inspiration to land an interview for your next dream job. Its impressive design can grab any recruiter’s attention instantly. 

10. POROCOLIPSIS Infographic

The Catalan pork industry and its excesses are well depicted in this independent infographic. It follows an illustrative form of classic stationery from local meat shops and butchers. 

11. Dimsum Infographic Poster 

Dim Sum is one of the most popular Chinese foods, but there are so many types with different attributes that warrant no better way to explain than with a creative infographic. 

12. How To Get Curated on Behance  

There is no artist who wouldn’t want to be a part of the Behance featured gallery. So this infographic explains how a project is chosen to be showcased. 

13. Get Ecological 

Educating people about ecology, reducing plastic use, and recycling is a challenging task. But this interesting infographic makes it look easy. 

14. Annual Report for Sasken

Infographics don’t have to be the complete source of information. They are great for providing visual relief between parts of your text content. That’s what this innovative infographic does. 

15. Infographic Guide to the Globe 

This is not just a conventional infographic but a whole book of infographics with plenty of material for learning and inspiration.

16. UNICEF Report Cards 

This is a great example of using infographics as a force of good. This infographic shows the true condition of children in prosperous countries. 

17. Chit Chart

If you’re looking for a versatile infographic that covers a wide range of topics, this is it. It uses reliable data online to tell us more about the world in an entertaining manner. 

18. High Rise Zoo

This infographic depicts the future of the world we live in, with different aspects such as mobility, conservation, and retail. But the main highlight is the high-rise zoo that shows such a complex project can be put in a narrow space. 

19. The Ultimate Deadly Snake Guide 

If you love hiking on adventurous trails, this infographic covers the steps to be followed in order to recognize, prevent, and treat a snake bite.

20. Basics of Early Childhood Development

The creative infographic offers a quick summary of each milestone of childhood development, resulting in a chart that’s both interesting and useful.

21. Emissions Change Starts at the Top

Research shows that some of the biggest companies in America are also leading the initiatives for a sustainable future. This data has been put to use well in this interesting infographic.

22. The International Space Station – The First 50 Expeditions

This innovative infographic explores the initial 50 expeditions to the International Space Station, along with celebrating the brave astronauts who resided at the station. 

23. The Psychology of the Perfect Marketing Video

Video marketing is on the rise, and this infographic capitalizes on this trend by conveying the aspects that effective marketing videos have in common. 

24. The AI-Empowered Marketer

This insightful infographic enhances your learning of the role of AI in advancing the field of marketing and turning a one-size-fits-all marketing approach into personalized communication.


If you’re fascinated by bears, this infographic is right up your alley. It uses different colors to depict the intensity of the bear population in Finland. 

26. Creative Process Chart

This graphic does such a marvelous job at demonstrating the creative process that it’s hard to believe it was designed by a college student. 

27. MarViva print ads

It’s hard to see it, but flying is a wonder that we take for granted. And this innovative timeline infographic depicts in a gritty manner how long the whole process was and the milestones we achieved throughout the journey. 

28. EDEN Festival de folk psicodélico

This infographic is for the EDEN festival. It’s all about broadening peoples perception of reality and strengthening the bonds with nature.

29. Save The Whales

Another wildlife gem in the world of creative infographics. We often cite how big whales are, but not how important they are for the ecosystem. That’s what this infographic shows with confidence. 

30. Bibimbap Infographic Poster

Similar to how the dim sum infographic educates viewers about the popular Chinese dish, this infographic helps discover the value of bibimbap, a traditional Korean food. 

31. What Scares the World

The World Economic Forum asks prominent people about the threats nations are most likely to encounter in the next few years. The result is this eye-opening infographic. 

32. How to Choose the Perfect Houseplant

Flowcharts make for some of the best infographics, as they convey actionable information step by step. And this infographic is no exception.

33. RUBIK 3x3x3

Regardless of the part of the world where you reside, you would have come across a Rubik’s cube and tried to solve it. This infographic demystifies the process.

34. How Carbon Pricing Works

Reducing carbon pollution is among the best ways to combat climate change. This infographic depicts how the carbon markets and costs are connected to the issue. 

35. The anatomy of a web designer

Another use case for an infographic is to consolidate the results of an industry survey. And you can see how to present key findings with this infographic. 

36. Record Player Infographic Poster

This innovative infographic appeals to the growing interest in the history of the record player, along with its components and setting methods. 

37. Cake Infographic Poster

From birthdays to weddings, a cake is a staple for any occasion. Cakes have evolved to a great extent in history, and that evolution is well presented in this creative infographic. 

38. Is Workplace Culture Overrated?

Workplace culture is important for any organization, but can it be measured? This infographic makes a great case of what can be done with quantitative information. 

39. The Art Of Mixing Typefaces

Cheatsheets are among the most popular reference materials. As this infographic shows, it’s possible to present them with visual aid. 

40. Agroecology vs. Industrial Agriculture

When it comes to tackling the world’s food shortage, the choice is between agroecology and industrial agriculture. This infographic is a comparison of the two approaches. 

Final Thoughts

Every new infographic you design is an opportunity to push yourself out of your comfort zone, experiment with different aspects and grow your skillset. Fortunately, thousands of innovative infographic creators worldwide continue to inspire us with their designs.

This post is our way to pass on that inspiration and celebrate the best work in the infographic space. So go ahead and get started with your next infographic. 

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