How Remote Companies Can Utilize Visual Communication To Strengthen Connections

Hosted By

Elisabeth Tafelmeyer

Head of HR, Piktochart

Wilson Moy

Project Specialist, Piktochart

You’ll Learn

  • How developing creativity can help employees in creating their future within their organization
  • How by using more emotional approach to business you can transform employee’s’ anxiety into a drive for action
  • How visual communication can become an effective way of engaging and retaining employees

Who Should Attend

  • HR professionals and managers responsible for employee engagement in remote companies
  • Founders and CEOs of remote companies interested in improving employee engagement


Driving employee engagement and retention has never been so important as it is now. With the rise of remote work due to the COVID-19 pandemic, HR professionals around the globe need to re-think their approach to keeping employees connected and motivated.

An often overlooked idea is building bonds through emotions and empathy during this time of social distancing.

Join Elisabeth Tafelmeyer, Head of HR at Piktochart, to learn about the psychological approach to improving and strengthening the human connections between employers and employees with the help of visual communication.

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