How Visual Storytelling Is Shaping The Next Decade

Hosted By

Wilson Moy

Marketing Project Specialist, Piktochart

Shlomi Ron

CEO, Visual Storytelling Institute

You’ll Learn

  • Examples of visual stories brands use during the new normal
  • Upcoming visual storytelling trends
  • Examples of businesses that have embraced new trends
  • Tips to prepare for the future of visual storytelling
  • How to identify the right visual format to improve online presence and branding

Who Should Attend

  • Founders and CEOs interested in leveraging visual storytelling for the future of their businesses
  • Marketing managers and executives interested in scaling their visual storytelling efforts
  • Corporate training & development executives interested in preparing their teams for post-Covid future


With the dawn of a new year after a challenging 2020, businesses and brands are still holding on to thrive for the coming year. Since the pandemic, visual storytelling has been on the rise with its importance in visually communicating essential information while educating the public.

The emergence of e-commerce among traditional business models is also rising to cope with the changing landscape, increasing the use of visual storytelling. Simultaneously, technologies like virtual reality (VR) and 360-degree videos are being used more frequently for marketing.

How can businesses and brands grow their impact in 2021 and for the long term with visual storytelling? Join this #PiktoWebinar series with the CEO of Visual Storytelling Institute, Shlomi Ron, to discover how visual storytelling will shape the next decade.

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